Move AD3E

Vitamin important for improving

productivity and protection against

diseases caused by vitamin deficiencie

COMPOSITION: Each 1ml contains:

Vit A Palimatat                   50.000 I.U

Vit D3 20.000 I.U

Vit E  Acetate 20 I.U



Is combination of vitamins essential for normal growth, normal  development of bones (by right utilization of calcium and  phosphorus),

increasing fertility and production, increasing the  body defense mechanism against diseases and controlling muscular and genital organ problems

- Prevents and treats Rickets in layer and broiler chickens.

- Improves fertility.

- Combats against Mal-absorption syndrome.

- Combats and prevents Encephalomalacia.

- Increases egg production, growth, and appetite.

- Reduces poultry stress.

- Prevents eggshell and embryonic damage 

-use in cases of vitamin A, D3, E deficiency which causes muscular dystrophy, ricket, paralysis, reduction in fertility and hatchability in poultry.

-used in stress conditions after transportation, following viral and bacterial infections, high temperature and post treatment of coccidiosis.


Poultry: 1 ml per 1 liter of drinking water for 5-7 days.

Cows and horses: 10-15ml per animal for 2-3 days

Sheep and goats: 2-3 ml per animal for 2-3 days


STORAGE: Store in a dry place (below than 30°).

PACKAGING: 1000 ml