General sterilizer cleanses and kills all kinds of germs

Used for all breeding farms and equipments

COMPOSITION: Each 1 liter contain:

Glutaraldehyde  (50% solution) 300 g/Lt.

Benzalkonium Chloride 80 g/Lt.

Quaternary Amonium salt 20 g/Lt.


- Disinfectant for surfaces and equipment for all breeding farms , poultry breeding farms, laying hens, rabbits, pigs, cattle, ovine,

horses and ducks, warehouses, veterinary centers, slaughterhouses, food- processing industries, kennels, storage and transport

vehicles .

- Application on any surface, walls, ceilings, floors, surroundings, equipment, drinking and feeding troughs, pipettes, water circuits,cages, equipment, vehicles, animal premises, animal food preparation and storage premises...

- Active in the presence of hard water & proteins: economical and efficient in any condition.

- Long-lasting action creating no resistance from micro-organisms.

- Very large antimicrobial spectrum: virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal.

- Efficient against Avian Influenza virus H5N1 from ٪0,1, Foot & Mouth disease at 0.5%, Gumboro virus at 0.2% Newcastle

disease virus at 0.5 % , ECBO virus at 0.8%  Canine parvovirus at 0.8%


-Dilute GERMOVED  from 0,25% (routine disinfection) to 0,80%  (strong disinfection). For equipment and material, let act 30 minutes,  then rinse.Treat by spraying, soaking, brushing .

-By thermo-fogging (by air), pour GERMOVED  concentrated or diluted at 50%  (1:1) in the machine. Fog 1,22 ml(routine disinfectant)  to 3,40 ml (strong disinfectant ) of concentrated Germoved / m3 of  premises.

Let act for 3 hours. Let windows and doors closed. Before reuse the  house, make sufficient ventilation.


Store in a dry place  (below than 30°).


5000 ml