Oregano Fort

Immune booster and productivity improvement

Oral Solution Miscible with Water


Each 1 lt contains: -

Oregano essential oils 50,000 mg

Menthol 1,000 mg

Cinnamon oil 1000 mg

Garlic oil1,000 mg


This 100% natural formula is based on Oregano essential oils,

and was specially developed by veterinarians to keep your

chickens in tip-top shape.

- Increases resistance against  viral ,bacteria ,fungi and parasites

- Support your bird’s immune system naturally

- Help alleviate respiratory problems

- Maintain excellent gut function and digestion

- Improve performance : highly recommended for breeding

- Improving the quantity and quality of eggs, skin and plumage.

 Have a significant effect on poultry gut health, limiting the

 need for antibiotics.You can use to prevent viral and bacterial ailments,

and to treat digestive issues like sour crop, vent gleet, pasty butt and diarrhea.

Is a source of energy and essential oils to stimulate water

consumption and appetite during disease conditions, shipping,

weather change or stress in poultry.



1 ml per 1-2 liters of drinking water for 5 days



Store in a dry place a (below than 30°).



1000 ml