Leva Barakeh Dern

oral solution

stimulates, stimulates and activates the immune system

It is given after vaccines, especially IP, Gumboro, Newcastle, et

COMPOSTION : Each 1 Lt contain :

Black Seed oil                 10,000 mg

Thyme oil                          1000 mg

Vitamin A                             4,000,000 IU                     

Vitamin E                            15,000      IU

Vitamin D3                          2,000,000 IU

Vitamin C                            15,000  mg

Levamisole hydrochloride   30,000 mg

L Carnitine HCl                   15,000 mg 


  • Activates and stimulates the immune system against diseases of bacteria, parasites and viruses such as Newcastle, Gumboro ... etc
  • Maximize the use of vaccines
  • Raise fertility rates in roosters and mothers and improve growth rates
  • Reduce the use of drugs and antibiotics in particular
  • Vitamin deficiency coverage
  • It is used to treat all stages of cylindrical and pulmonary worms


POULTRY 1 ml / 1 Liter drinking water for 3-5 days

Large animals: 2 ml per 6.5 body weight dissolved in water and administered orally for one days and returned after 21 days


Meat 3 days milk and eggs one day

STORAGE: Store in a dry place away from direct heat (below than 30°).

PACKAGING: 1000 ml

DENSITY: 1.1gm/ml