Electro-Move Powder

Formulated to promote growth health and performance

all ages and types of birds suffering from

dehydration and heat stress.

COMPOSTION : Each 1 gm contain :

Calcium  lactate Pentahydrate            14.5 mg

Magnesium citrate                               3.6 mg

Potassium chloride                             12.7 mg

Sodium citrate dihydrate                    96.8 mg

citrate Acid                                         73.6 mg


  • All ages and types of poultry and animals
  • Boosting and enhancing growth potential during heat stress
  • Provides elements that animal needs during period of sickness, convalescence and stress conditions,its make a major contribution to the body fluids and assist in maintaining normal metabolism of the body.
  • For preventon and correction of dehydration and electrolytes depletion (imbalance) caused by prolonged diarrhea, haemorrhages, infectious diseases, racing, profuse sweating due to severe exercise, travelling or hot weather when animals are suffering from heat.
  • A valuable supportive treatment and nutritional supplement to relieve enteric upsets of stressed animals and to compensate reduced feed-intake causing salts deficiency


Poultry : 150   gm / 50  Lt drinking water for 3-5 days


STORAGE: Store in a dry place away from direct heat (below than 30°).

PACKAGING: 1000 ml