Betadern C

oral solution

prevents thermal stress and promotes health and productivity

COMPOSTION : Each 1 ml contain :

Betaine 250 mg

Vitamin C 90 mg

Potassium chloride 2 mg

Magnesium chloride 4 mg

Calcium chloride 40 mg

Sodium chloride 20 mg

Menthol and Sweeteners q.s 1 ml


- Mentholated oral solution for drinking water which reduce the symptoms of heat stress in birds, thus reducing the mortality and productivity losses associated with the bird condition.

- Its routine administration in broiler /layer/breeder flocks prevents heat stress and enhances health and productivity.

- Refreshes the animals and reduces wet droppings.

- Betaine activity reduces fatty liver and enhances metabolism.

- Vitamin C reduces circulating Cortisone, thus lowering stress level.

- Gives freshness, softness the animal

- Menthol and sweeteners improve palatability and attraction.

- Liquid Easy preparation and Easy solubility.

- improves Feed Conversion Ratio by 14% and body weight and presented lower mortality

-  Higher body weight, better meat yield and lower mortality rate.

- In layers and breeders improves fertility, egg production, egg size and egg shell quality.



1-2 ml / 1 Lt drinking water for 5-7 days




STORAGE: Store in a dry place away from direct

Heat (below than 30°).


PACKAGING: 1000 ml


DENSITY: 1.1 gm/ml