Sulpha Fort 480 

Sulphadiazine Sodium             40 %

Trimethoprim                             8 %

Water soluble powder

Synergistic antimicrobial 

Against Respiratory , Gastro-intestinal and urinary tract infections

COMPOSITION: Each 1 ml  contains :

Sulphadiazine Sodium             400 mg

Trimethoprim                             80 mg


 - A broad-spectrum and antibacterial treatment of negative andgram-positive bacteria

- For the treatment of Colibacillosis (Escherichia coli).

- for the treatment of bird typhoid, gastroenteritis and white

diarrhea (Salmonella Galenerm, Salmonella in the tumor). Barati-foid infection (Salmonella Interterbides, Salmonella Tefemurium).

- For the treatment of synovitis. Foot rest infections.

- For the treatment of navel infections (staphylococcus), bird cholera (Pasteurella maltosida) in poultry - To treat respiratory infections.

- characterized by the result of rapid treatment and the disappearance of symptoms of the disease and decline Death rates - Fast absorption and safe use.


Poultry :1ml per 4 liters of drinking water daily for 3-5 days

Ruminants:(Calves, Sheeps) 1 gm per 20 kg body weight  for 5 days


Poultry :  meat: 3 days         eggs : 3 days

Ruminants :  meat : 8 days        milk : 3 days

STORAGE: Store in a dry place away from direct heat (below 30° C )

PACKAGING :  500 ml

Shake the container well before opening