Sulfachloropyrazine sodium     30%

water soluble powder

used to treatment of Coccidiosis, Salmonella and Cholera infection

COMPOSITION: Each 1 gm contains

Sulfachloropyrazine sodium     300 mg


Move-Sulfaclozine is indicated for treatment of coccidiosis in poultry due to infection with Eimeria species such as necatrix,maxima,acervulina, mitis, tenella, brunetti, praecox, adenoeides, meleagrimitis

And Fowl Typhoid due to infection with Salmonella gallinarum and Fowl Cholera due to infection with Pasteurella mutocida .


Normal treatment of Coccidiosis: 1 g per 1 L of drinkiing water

)equivalent to 50 mg sulfacloropyrazinezine per kg body weight(

Periodic treatment of Coccidiosis:1 g per 1 L of drinking water

)shuttle programs in days 1,3,5,7,9 or 1,2,5,6,9 effective(

Salmonellosis and Pasteurellosis treatment: 1-2 g of  per L of drinking water, at least for 5 days.


Poultry: 14 days

Turkeys: 21 days

Eggs: 11 days

STORAGE:Store in a dry place (below than 30°)

PACKAGING:  500 gm